The aim here is to take all different walks of life and ask the same ONE question: “When it’s all said and done, what is the main thing you want your life to be remembered for?”

There are so many different responses and lack of responses. The latter one is kinda scary, no? Regardless of age, religion, politics, culture, race or sexual orientation – we all want many of the same things. We all want to feel important and belong. We want love, yet we (myself included of course) judge others and often fail to love those who are not like us. As we evolve, imagine us moving away from an ‘us vs. them’ mentality and embracing UNITY.

Cheesy? hippy? Perhaps – But I think we all need the support to love and if you feel the same as me, please get in touch and help – comment, discuss and add your own content.

Forget this lil site if ya like, you may not agree with some of the thoughts, nor should we see all things alike. Just know I’m stoked when someone gives a damn about others even when they are not alike, shows character in a tough situation, puts a foot down for a good cause and stands strong.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you. Stands Strong! Filip (editor)



  • jpollhein


    What a great concept for a blog! Your study of Covey may eventually (if not already) lead you to the book “First Things First.” It is a deeper dive into Habit # 2, but the concepts therein dovetail nicely with your purpose. Covey says the object of a balanced life is “To live, to learn, to love, and to leave a legacy.”

    I applaud your efforts, your beautiful and insightful blog, and your fresh young perspective on the important things in life.

    Thank you so much for being out here and discussing your passion and your beliefs.

    Stand Strong, my friend.


  • Filip Matous

    Means a lot mate, thank you.

    Sounds like a book I'll be adding to my list to read. How sad would it be to live life without attempting to leave a legacy? A pragmatic life that focuses on love.. and for me, LOVE is the opposite of indifference. Taking a stand when the easy thing is to let the moment slip.

    Thank you for your support Joe – please let me know if you have any topic ideas or content you would want to share 🙂

  • AngelaLeemhuis

    Thank you Filip for living your dream! You inspire us, and we hope that we inspire you too!

  • Filip Matous

    Respect!! Keep me posted with your next trip / I'm-on-a-boat experience.

  • Luke

    Why can't there be more blogs like this out there? Well, if there are and you've found them I'd love to know about em. I look forward to seeing more responses to your one question!

  • Filip Matous

    Thanks bro, will keep you posted if I find any others… kinda why I started this blog, I didn't see any others focused on this one area.

  • Danny Carpenter

    Just had my first visit to Love it. I'll definitely be back. Reminds me of the poem “The Dash.” Thanks for reminding me to think about mine!

  • Filip Matous

    Danny, thanks for the poem recommendation. I just read it, and it's exactly what this is about. Means a lot to hear you'll be coming back. Keep in touch.

  • Anna

    I edit and we've got Jonathan Haidt today on happiness. We've got quite a few of the same people as you on our site and we ask them for the best five books on their subject. Will you email me at and we could perhaps discuss shared links? See our full archive of interviews at

  • Filip Matous

    Anna, I have emailed you. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Great blog…Always refreshing to find others who dont mind looking a bit deeper into what constitutes a great life. Also…I appreciate the posts devling into various philosophies.  Good stuff man! I’ll be sharing with my friends & readers.

  • Filip Matous

    Thanks for connecting dude! I see you are pushing into the big questions on your site, keep spreading the curiosity.

  • nige

    This is a great resource Filip. I like what you are doing. Thank you.

  • Filip Matous

    Hey Nige, thanks for the encouraging words, appreciated.