Alain de Botton – 3 Q’s on life’s purpose, legacy and source of happiness

“As a writer I want to explore thoughts with a view to elevating pain… because pain comes through confusion and loneliness.” – Alain de Botton

During my senior year at uni I stumbled on a short TV series hosted by Alain de Botton called Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness. Around this time I was taking Intro to Philosophy 110 as an elective and was looking for material to grow my interest on what made people do what they do. The patient girl that I was dating would hear me ramble on and on about the latest author that had captured my mind. Most likely my tired face betrayed how many times I would wake, middle of the night, and have to work out an idea or search a thought on my laptop.

After moving to London, I jumped at the opportunity to interview Alain and ask him these questions:

1. What makes you do what you do?

2. What do you want to be remembered for?

3. What is the #1 thing that makes you happy?

If you are new to his work I recommend his 16 minute TED talk on Success and Failure  (he is fantastic at taking a complex idea and make it understandable) or perhaps his latest book The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work. If you are lucky enough to enjoy the grey skies of London, check out The School of Life, co-founded by Alain. Lastly, you can add him on twitter.

Do any of those 3 Q’s strike a chord? Maybe one you haven’t put much thought to?