NEEDTOBREATHE: An ‘outsiders’approach to songwriting

First time I saw NEEDTOBREATHE live in 2008 I was living in NYC and developing ideas for this yet unnamed website. I was, and still am, drawn to people who purposely choose not to please everyone. NEEDTOBREATHE is that kind of rock ‘n’ roll band – they write for the outsiders. Bo Rinehart enjoys breaking out his banjo, knowing full…

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Mark Vernon on the Philosophy of Friendship

(1 min read / 45 sec video) You can count your real, long-term friends on one hand. What defines a healthy relationship? Are there times when should you ditch a friend? Guardian writer and philosopher Mark Vernon caught up with after speaking at the London Philosophy Club to explain the workings of friendship: Aristotle…

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Nietzsche on rising above cancer:

( 45 sec read / 4 min video) Joe lost his wife to cancer; a year and a half later Joe is biking for palliative care in Debora’s memory. Below is a snap of Joe training with Jake for the the trip from London to Venice. Friedrich Nietzsche said that “any worthwhile achievements in life come…

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Jane McAdam Freud on Epicureanism: 3 ingredients for happiness

(1 min read / 5 min video) Artist and great grand-daughter of Sigmund Freud, Jane McAdam Freud mixes Epicureanism and her own philosophy, waking up each morning asking herself “what shall I do today?” To have that choice is absolutely imperative for a creative life. Her mantra is not to die of a thousand paper…

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Philosophy of values & ethics w/ Nigel Warburton: How to choose the right ethics

(APPROX. 1 MIN READ / 7 MIN VIDEO) Nigel Warburton is a consquentialist (ends justify the means) who has dedicated much of his life to exploring philosophy, lecturing at The Open University, sharing his findings through books and his popular website, Philosophy Bites. Regarding ethics, I asked Nigel if he believed in universal good. In…

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