Charlie Mackesy: on faith and why he sometimes feels like a fraud.

Charlie Mackesy talks about his faith and why he sometimes feels like a fraud.

Regularly Charlie can be found deep in his art or occasionally preaching at HTB – Having heard Charlie give the good word, I caught up with him at a spiritual retreat in the summer to talk about his personal road with faith.

I really enjoyed how Charlie explained that we all can feel like frauds in life and that accepting that we are frauds on some level is an important step to being true to oneself.

Regardless of your faith, I think we can all agree that we all need some form of hope in life. Please think about what your own faith (whatever makes you believe in the goodness of life) is and if you so feel inclined, leave a note below explaining what it is and how it helps you.


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  • Anta wilken

    Want to ask Charlie a question abouut a painting.. Can I do it here?

  • Filip Matous

    Hi Anta, thanks for stopping by. I have sent Charlie your email and will let you know if I hear anything. What was the Q by the way?

  • Anonymous

    Filip, this is really interesting, thank you for sharing. Would love to hook up soon. Thanks. J

  • Daveness

    you are obviously a very confused man searching for a meaning to your existence. This, coupled with your large sense of self-importance has urged you to preach about your thoughts and musings. Thats what the internet has caused unfortunately… Its fair enough if you believe in such myths, but please don’t encourage others to follow you. Science and the universe is beautiful beyond words already. We don’t need to create Gods to justify our existence just to give us a sense of self worth. Such self love is what has caused this planet so much harm from humans already…