Video Find: Hunger for life – Al Pacino philosophy

So I’m still working on editing the next video but I thought I’d like to share with you my all time favorite speech found in a movie. Taste the passion in this nugget of a clip (heads up, a curse or two.)

I’ve watched this clip many times in the last two years. I’ve watched it when I needed to desperately let go of frustration, and before important steps in my small life. This clip is that good, and puts into words how I often feel.

Around four years ago I chose to tear myself to pieces to become as real and pragmatic as possible. The line “we claw with our fingernails for that inch” and “I know if I’m willing to live it’s because I am willing to die for those inches” makes so much sense when you are about to make a choice that you know will make the outcome of your life much different.

Mine involved removing myself from a passive, easy state and moving continents to start fresh where I had no connections and a boatload of possibilities. The hardship that had me to points where all I could afford were potatoes and eggs and the constant hunger to conquer – and then pulling up my boots and conquering. The pain is SO worth it. It’s like showing up in a gym and expecting to get great results by trading some pain and sweat, only to return again and again for more struggle and pain. The pain makes way for joy and clarity and a mind that is in far better shape than before. For a sharp mind, hardship is needed with difficult ideas to digest and grasp. Strong personal philosophy can act as a gym for the mind.

Well I want great results for myself and my loved ones. So I don’t wish for everything to be peachy, I hope that in my small way I can help craft personal philosophy that looks at the struggle in a paradigm that appreciates the potential for a positive outcome. What are the INCHES you claw for? Is it a better family, maybe a better career, better health, a sharper mind, solving those questions that haunt you, helping others, really making a dent into developing a personal legacy…?

In my limited experience I’ve come to understand why Socrates drove home that the only life worth living is the examined life.

For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.
– Arnold Schwarzenegger (come on, how could I not include this gem?!)