Jane McAdam Freud on Epicureanism: 3 ingredients for happiness

(1 min read / 5 min video)

Freud's London Couch

Artist and great grand-daughter of Sigmund Freud, Jane McAdam Freud mixes Epicureanism and her own philosophy, waking up each morning asking herself “what shall I do today?” To have that choice is absolutely imperative for a creative life. Her mantra is not to die of a thousand paper cuts. “To die of paperwork, to become lost in the details. Look after the bigger picture, don’t micromanage the small stuff. Ask yourself what the main thing is that you want to achieve and see that bigger picture, the vision.. keep the vision clearly in mind”

Epicureanism: 3 ingredients for a happy life:

1. Friends – Greatest possession in the world

2. Freedom – Being one’s own boss / working for yourself

3. Self understanding – Leading an analyzed life

As for what Jane wants to be remebered for: “I haven’t got any grand philosophy about changing the world, no.. I suppose it’s for my art, I want it to be valued and looked after like it was a child. I want it to go to a good home. So I want museums to aquire it, (quickly adding) which they do and always have done, luckily.. and not for it to be bought and sold like some commercial product.

When asked if Jane resented her name and family history, “I didn’t resent it, I was in denial of it. It was a tonne of embarrisment because when you are a child you want to be normal like everyone else.”

This week you can catch Jane McAdam Freud’s exhibition at London’s Freud Museum until the 17th. Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Beverly Hills, LA will be exhibiting Jane’s art from 16 -30 September 2010.