Nietzsche on rising above cancer:

( 45 sec read / 4 min video)

Joe lost his wife to cancer; a year and a half later Joe is biking for palliative care in Debora’s memory. Below is a snap of Joe training with Jake for the the trip from London to Venice.

Joe Goodall and Jake

Friedrich Nietzsche said that “any worthwhile achievements in life come from the experience of overcoming hardship.” In this case, the pain that comes from losing a loved one has been turned into energy to help a much needed cause. Watching Debora suffer with pain made Joe appreciate palliative care and the relief it brought when she was diagnosed terminally ill. In overcoming the questioning as to why his wife was taken from him, Joe has set out on a worthwhile journey to help progress palliative care.

A raw truth of life is that eventually we all face hardships and lose loved ones. But we can rise above the situations and live a valuable life if we chose to improve the world in ways that we can.  Below is a picture of Debora with Jake.

Debora and Jake

Follow Joe and the crew on their adventure at – Much thanks goes to Ophir Energy, Field Development Services, Nexen Inc, Waitrose, Dove’s butchers on Northcote Road in Battersea – for supporting and raising funds to improve palliative care.