Philosophy of values & ethics w/ Nigel Warburton: How to choose the right ethics


Nigel Warburton is a consquentialist (ends justify the means) who has dedicated much of his life to exploring philosophy, lecturing at The Open University, sharing his findings through books and his popular website, Philosophy Bites.

Regarding ethics, I asked Nigel if he believed in universal good. In this post-postmodern western world, one popular paradigm is that different opinions and lifestyles should be accepted. However, should we be all-accepting and avoid judging others, even if their definition of good is our definition of bad? What about judging those that judge others?

To investigate the philosophy of ethics, listen to Nigel explain how to form one’s own values and ethics:

At the 4:45min mark I asked Nigel what he wants to be remembered for, what good he wants to leave behind:

“You are assuming I want to be remembered… That is a strange way of living (concerned about how we will be viewed in the future). John Stuart Mill said that ‘one of the best ways of being happy is being immersed in something else.’ As soon as you start reflecting on the types of things that make you happy, you lose the possibility of happiness. I dont think we should be living constantly with a view on how we will be judged in the future. I think we should be immersed in the causes that matter to us in the present.”