Stephen R. Covey on his life’s legacy

I had the chance to attend (well to be honest, sneak into, get kicked out of VIP and sneak in again) a big Covey conference. Having read his 7 Habits about seven years ago, I remember how much it taught me about disciplining myself. Those 7 habits can be found in all the main philosophical ideologies in the world – from eastern and western religions, successful businesses to personal character ethics. Then last year I read the 8th Habit (better of the two) and loved that it was all about finding your voice (finding what you are passionate about) and empowering others to do the same. Attack life.

“Leadership is affirming people’s worth and potential so clearly that you are inspired to see it in yourself” – Dr. Covey.

So of course I really wanted to ask Covey what he wants to be remembered after his time has passed – his answer was not about being remembered as an author. *video also includes people who were waiting in line for his book signing*

With over 15 million The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People sold, Covey wants his legacy to encourage people to view children as potential leaders. Won’t lie, part of me had a hard time following the first part of his answer.

Do you agree that children should be viewed as potential leaders? If so how do you go about that? That’s tough for me to visualize.